Represented in the collections in

The National Gallery, Prague
Town Gallery Trutnov, Trutnov
Czech Center New York, USA
Museum Montanelli, Prague
Private collections in Czechia, Poland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the USA

cenography, costumes, stage props


2008 assistance in the realization of the statue Warrior by Jiří Sozanský
2010 cooperation with Jiří Sozanský on the model of the statue of Milada Horáková, Prague
2010 three bronze statues of dragons outside Autostyl Trutnov
2010 a bust of Antonín Rückl and a statue of Vilímek Ostrovský, Ostrov
2011 a bust of Dr. Šťastný for Písek Hospital
2013 a memorial plaque of Radovan Lukavský, Kouřimská ulice 20, Vinohrady, Prague 3
2013 a bronze statue of Rýbrcoul on a roundabout, Trutnov
2013 a bronze statue of Frank Sidebottom, Manchester
2014 a bronze statue of Christ, Bohdaneč
2015 four bronze statues of mine dwarfs on Krakonoš's Fountain, Trutnov
2015 a bronze statue of the horse Achal Teke, Moscow
2015 Firefly - a streetlamp, Písek Hospital
2015 a statue Hand for Kasper Kovo, Trutnov
2015 a statue Synchronized Swimmers for Grund a.s., Mladé Buky
2016 a collection of Underwear, for Czech Center New York
2016 a fountain, revitalization of the square in Smiřice, in cooperation with Hana Josefinova
2016 a statue of a female eagle, memorial to the fallen in the Austro-Prussian War, Václavovice near Náchod
2016 a memorial plaque of General Mašín, Roudnice nad Labem
2016 a memorial plaque of Bishop Stanislav Krátký, Brno
2017 a restoration of a memorial in Zborov, Architect Lukáš Hudák
2017 a statue Dance of Death by Emil Schwantner, Trutnov
2018 General Josef Churavý's memorial in the Military Geographic and Hydrometeorolgical Institute in Dobruška
(unveiling ceremony on 24 May 2018)
2018 a memorial to the fallen legionaries of the 4th Regiment of Prokop Veliký's Riflemen in Hradec Králové, Architect Lukáš Hudák
2018 a memorial plaque Zlatá pecka, Chrudim
2018 John Amos Comenius's Labyrinth, Žacléř
2018 a bust of TGM (Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk), Benátky nad Jizerou
2018 a bust of TGM, Biskupice
2018 a bust of TGM, Náchod
2018 a memorial plaque of the conductor Karel Ančerl, Prague

Scenography, costumes, stage props

2005 a figure of a player, Bistrofilms, directed by M. Nohejl, Prague
2008 a statue for the film Protector, directed by M. Najbrt, Prague
2010 art consulting for the film Leaving, directed by V. Havel, Prague
2010 masks for the performance Processes, Spitfire Company, directed by P. Boháč, Supreme Court in Prague
2011 scenic design for the performance Bad Clowns, Spitfire Company, Prague
2011 scenic design and costumes, Traffic Dance, Prague
2013 masks for the performance Antiwords (based on Václav Havel's play Audience), Spitfire Company, M. Čechová, P. Boháč
2014 a statue of Griffin, film Crossing Lines 2, Prague
2015 statues and reliefs of Lycans for the film Underworld, Prague
2016 statues for the film Underworld, Architect Ondřej Nekvasil
2017 installations for the performance Fragments of Love Relationships, Spitfire Company, Prague
2017 statues of Torchbearers for the film Krypton, Architect Ondřej Nekvasil, Belfast, Great Britain
2017 statues of fairies for the film Carniwal Row, Prague
2017 scenic design for the performance Heroin West / Halka Třešňáková & VerteDance, Žďár nad Sázavou
2017 masks for the performance Secondhand Time, adaptation of a book by Svetlana Alexievich, Spitfire Company, Jatka 78, Prague

Solo exhibitions

2011 Paulina Skavova: P.S., Convent Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Sokolov
2012 Paulina Skavova: Biondo, Gallery Michal's Collection, Prague
2015 Paulina Skavova: Skulpturen, KUNSTpassageHOF, Hof, Germany
2016 Paulina Skavova: Underwear, Czech Center New York, USA
2017 Paulína Skavova: In the Woords, Gallery Zet, Velká Bystřice
2018 Paulina Skavova: Lunar Goddess, Exhibition Hall Chrudim
2019 Paulna Skavova: Into the Woods, Gallery Gambit, Prague

Collective exhibitions

2003 281 m², Václav Špála Gallery, Prague
2003 Dissertationists AVU 2003, Trade Fair Palace, Prague
2005 Young Art 1998-2005. Official Art 1960-1989, Mánes, Prague
2006 BLACK '06 - 2nd year of Pardubice Art Festival, Pardubice
2006 Vehicles, ArtPro - Galerie české plastiky / Artpro Gallery, Prague
2007 The Art of Delivery, Trade Fair Palace, Prague
2007 Náchod Art Autumn. 24th exhibition of art in the region, Art Gallery in Náchod
2008 Estrogen (P. Skavová, M. Korečková, M. Jůdová), Gallery Mázhaus, Pardubice
2008 Winners, La Fabrika, Prague
2011 Love is Blind, Sex is Elsewhere, Artinbox Gallery, Prague
2011 Fairies, Pucks, and Gnomes, Artinbox Gallery, Prague
2012 Ekecheiriá: Memories of Olympia. Homage to the Olympian tradition, The City of Prague Museum
2012 Art Safari 24, Studio Bubec, Prague
2012 Original Perspectives: A Selection of Contemporary Czech and Slovak Art Production by Young and Middle-Aged Artist,
The White Unicorn Gallery, Klatovy
2012 From Nowhere to Nowhere, for Nothing, Crossing the Line, Convent Church of St. Anthony of Padua - Concert and Exhibition Hall, Sokolov
2013 Art Safari 26, Studio Bubec, Prague
2015 The Triad Typology, The White Unicorn Gallery, Klatovy
2016 On Sport, City Gallery Pardubice, Pardubice
2016 Statues at Šmeral's Villa, The Holly Hill, Olomouc
2016 International Symposium 8SEM, Bratislava
2017 Art-Brut-All, Jaroměř, The Michal Mine Ostrava
2018 Artprague, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague
2018 REALITY SHOW, Gallery Arcimboldo, Prague
2019 Contemporary Realistic Figurative Paintings and Sculptures, Feigl Gallery, Prague
2019 Beauty and Charm OGL, Liberec
2019 Art-Brut-All, DOX, Prague